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Goblins are the citizens of the player's city in Goblins of Elderstone.

  • goblins can be 4 different colours depending on their stats
    • yellow goblins have highest trade stats
    • white goblins have highest faith stats
    • red goblins have highest war stats
    • green goblins have even stats between all three factions
  • when goblins are unhappy, due to lack of food, lack of faith, or missing items, they can riot and even murder, when they murder they will target goblins with the lowest respect within the village to kill
    • rioting can be stopped with enforcers hired at the stockades
  • they can have many different traits as well that affect their various stats and help them with different jobs, or even restrict them from having certain jobs
  • goblins can be lazy as well, lazy goblins can also be punished by enforcers hired at the stockades
  • goblins eat berries, frogs, beer, and meat (slowly unlocked by building more buildings in your village)
    • depending on a goblins job, and place within the tribe they can also have other needs or require more food then others, this can be found in the items page within a goblin's profile